NJ: Newark Paid Sick Time

We have included a NEW provision – Newark Paid Sick Time – in the New Jersey Employee Handbook. We offer this provision as a sample policy for employers that wish to include it in the employee handbook.

This provision took effect June 21, 2014, and is only applicable if the employer has 10 or more employees working in the City of Newark. Employers with fewer than 10 employees working in the City of Newark (other than employees who are child care workers, home health care workers and food service workers) also must comply with the requirements, but the maximum accrual can be decreased to 24 hours. Covered employers must comply with this provision with regard to any employee who works 80 hours in a calendar year within the geographic boundaries of Newark.

By June 21, 2014, employers must notify employees of their rights and obligations under the ordinance in two ways: (1) by providing individual written notice to each employee; and (2) posting notice of such rights in a conspicuous location around the workplace. With respect to the posting requirement, the City of Newark Department of Child and Family Well-Being recently prepared a &ldquo Frequently Asked Questions ” document about the ordinance. Employers should post the notice for employees by June 21, 2014. In terms of the written notice requirement, the Department has not issued a model notice, but recommends that employers prepare a written notice that incorporates the key terms of the ordinance and adopt the key provisions of the ordinance into their employee handbooks.