Updated Massachusetts Sexual Harassment

We have updated the Massachusetts Sexual Harassment provisions to allow employers to include the work address and telephone number of the person or persons to whom complaints about sexual harassment should be made. Massachusetts technically requires employers to include this information in their sexual harassment policies.

Accordingly, we have added an interview question allowing employers to automatically add this information. Companies with multiple locations may insert contact information for headquarters or main office.

In addition, we added a new paragraph (second to last) to maximize an employer’s ability to implement a zero tolerance policy.

UPDATED: Massachusetts Sexual Harassment

We have updated the policy to reflect recent EEOC guidance on retaliation. Please be sure to read the advisory notes (Explain this to me) which also contain new information.

Given the changes to the Sexual Harassment policy, we suggest you print and ask employees to sign the updated Sexual Harassment Acknowledgement. This also can be accomplished as part of your annual training on employee policies.